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Understanding the unique needs and concerns of seniors.

Medical care

Medical care is based on the present health conditions of the senior at point of discussion. No need to worry here in Barbados we have highly skilled, qualified professionals and the necessary resources to meet the need of the client. Let your love ones enjoy the hospitality we have to ofer. WELCOME TO BARBADOS!!!

Health Living

Our living program is based on Food ( eating healthy food salt and sugar-free) Exercise ( strengthening and toning the body) Recreation (sightseeing and interacting with nature) and Personal Care ( maintaining the body). We believe that if our sensors are maintained at the highest level they will live longer. Our program is designed to extend the lives of our seniors.

Skilled nursing

Our nurses are well trained in Geriatric Care yet performed all basic nursing skills at the lower level (AN) and (RN) at the upper level. Registration is a must for all of our nurses who must meet our guidelines for health care at an international level. They will be vetted by a highly qualified practitioner.

Daily support

In case of any problems, our support system is on call 24/7. We work with medical practitioners who will respond when needed. Our practitioners are on call and offer their services by contract only. This service will be headed by a doctor assigned to our agency.

Our caregivers

Reliable and friendly live in carers in your home to help you with personal care.
  • Housework
  • Preparing meals
  • Body and skincare
  • Daily exercise.
  • Outdoor activities
  • Medical attendance
  • Social interaction
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Our experienced trained attendant service provides center-based community care and live-in services for seniors. Coming soon.

In addition to social day care services we are offering day care facilities such as community nursing and active rehabilitation. Coming Soon

Coming Soon

1. Convenient Living Arrangements

Our program is designed to match your loved one with a local family.

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Assisted Living Arrangements

3. Medical Care

Our Services

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Assisted Living

Our home assistance program provides for independent living. This is the choice of some seniors and staying independent allows for privacy.

Nursing Care

It’s important to the overall well-being of the elderly that caregivers are trained to the highest standards.


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