Term and Conditions

You should carefully read the following Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

Terms of use

  1. Your purchase or use of our website implies that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  2. You must agree to our terms before proceeding.
  3. Your information will not be used by us for sale to any third party direct or indirect.
  4. We will make our website as secure as possible given our resources, but take no responsibility for unscrupulous and malicious attacks.

Terms of delivery

All orders will be processed upon receipt of payment.  The time of delivery depends on item purchased and is an outline at the shop item window.


After we have successfully received payment you can log in to your “Member Area” with the provided credentials.  You will have instant access to all of your purchase orders from your “My Services” menu or Users Login account

Refund Policy

Once a product is purchased  and payment has been received,  we cannot offer a refund unless we failed to deliver the agreed or cannot produce the item in question within the specified time.  You will be notified if we cannot produce your item. The reason for this policy is because we offer tangible products which are customized.   We reserve the right to refund all or part thereof based on circumstances.


You will be responsible for the delivery of all items purchased.


Technical Support is provided for the installation of the product at a cost only.


Our Products manufactured by us are warranty for a period of six months after delivery. The warranty covers workmanship, usability, quality, and concept.   If any components failed to work as required or as designed, such components will be changed within the stipulated period.  If components failed after the stipulated time we will proceed to make the required change at a cost to you, which will have to be paid before any repairs can be done.

For products, by a third party, you will be provided with such warranties as outlined by the third party.  We take no responsibility for third-party warranties.

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